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A Change of Plans

As many of you may be aware, we now have a considerable change in our plans due to the sudden cancellation of Alt-Fest.

For those who have not heard the news, an official statement from the event's organisers can be found at the link below.

Alt-Fest Official Cancellation Statement

Fear not though, Virals! We have been surprisingly fortunate in the respect that this has freed up some time and money which we will now be using to focus on the album which we have spent so long preparing!

As an added bonus we will also be releasing a couple of free download-only tracks, the first of which being our very first Cover!! (Release date TBC).

We'll also be getting ready for our next show opening Dark7 Festival in London. So those of you who were looking forward to seeing us at Alt-Fest, why not grab yourself a ticket from the link below!

Dark7 starts early so make sure you spend the next couple of months getting your excuses for ducking out of work completely straight!!

Dark7 2014 Dark7 Tickets