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Band Bio

Spawn of Psychosis is an industrial metal band made up of members SPAWN and RAZORR who are based in East Sussex and Essex respectively.


Spawn of Psychosis is the creative project of founding member and frontman, SPAWN.

Mixing electronic drums and synth with heavy, thrashy guitar, aggressive bass and raw vocals.

The last eight years have seen these misfits release three albums and two EPs worth of material and make their mark within the UK's industrial/metal music scene, delivering an energetic live experience with a powerful sound and tongue in cheek attitude.


Over their career Spawn of Psychosis has played alongside such bands as Mortiis and KMFDM whilst also gaining regular airplay on stations such as TBFM and HRH Radio.


Spawn of Psychosis continue to work on new audio assaults and seek new opportunities to widen their territory, always making improvements and adding new elements and techniques to their ever growing sound.

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